Strawberry Matcha Latte – 7 Easy Homemade Recipes

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Google is swamped with inquiries about strawberry matcha latte recipes.

This utterly tasty and healthy drink has become increasingly popular lately.

Consequently, people want to know how to make a DIY strawberry matcha latte.

If you still haven’t tried this smooth, divinely satisfying drink, you will find everything about it in this blog.

We suppose you already know about the exquisite taste of strawberry matcha latter and want to know the recipe.

In that case, you will find that below, too.

Furthermore, we also have 7 strawberry matcha latte styles to try out.

These are all pretty straightforward, easy-to-make homemade recipes.

Ingredients are simple and affordable, and mixing them together at home requires minimal effort.

You can make any of these recipes from the comfort of your own kitchen and enjoy the magnificent drink with flavors that will instantly add a dash of luxury to your day.

So let’s dive in.

What Is Strawberry Matcha Latte?

The strawberry matcha latte has become one of the most trendy drinks of all time. In fact, folks say they are obsessed with it, marking it their No.1 favorite tasty pleasure.

Matcha Latte is a star of Starbucks and many local cafes, but many people learned to recreate it at home. Thanks to them, the Internet is filled with matcha latte recipes.

But What Is Strawberry Matcha Late Exactly?

Most precisely, a strawberry matcha latte is a layered drink that features yummy fresh strawberries with honey or a preferred liquid sweetener.

You can use sugar, too. However, you will need to simmer it to melt. Also, it’s a shame mixing sugar in such a healthy drink.

These ingredients are crushed and blended into a puree and topped with a layer of milk and, of course, matcha.

Both fresh and non-dairy milk work with these ingredients to form a delicious strawberry latte delight.

Whichever you choose to use will result in the visually mesmerizing and heavenly tasteful drink.

But before we get into strawberry matcha latte recipes, you should know some essential facts about the star of the popular drink – the green powder called matcha.

What Is Matcha?

The fine powder called matcha is made of high-quality dried green tea leaves.

However, the remarkable thing about matcha is that the leaves are grown in the shade and have been stripped of stems and veins.

These leaves are crushed by stone until they become finely ground powder. You can consume matcha powder on its own and use it in various tasty dishes.

For example, matcha powder is a fantastic addition to baked food, ice cream, desserts, drinks, etc. In fact, matcha is currently one of the most trendy ingredients in kitchens worldwide.

And although this green wonder is used in so many ways, it seems the strawberry matcha latte is the favorite for most people.

There is something about the combination of the earthly flavor of matcha and the sweet delight of fresh strawberry that makes it mesmerizing for the tastebuds.

Most people who tried it fell in love instantly. The harmonious strawberry matcha latte’s flavor is undoubtedly hard to beat.

Important info: Although you will find this green powder anywhere, you should know that not all matcha is authentic matcha powder.

Real matcha comes from Japan and is made with special techniques that provide the benefits of healthy green tea leaves.

Strawberry Matcha Latte Layers

The first thing you’ll notice with a strawberry matcha latte is its unique look.

The smooth pleasure is made of layers combining strawberries, milk, sweetener, and the mighty green powder mixed with hot water.

Homemade Strawberry Matcha Latte: Ingredients

Although the strawberry matcha latte looks like a fancy, complicated drink, the recipe is very simple. In fact, you can make this sophisticated drink at home in mere minutes.

To make your very own strawberry matta latte, you will need these ingredients:

Fresh strawberries: we suggest using ripe ones since it’s easier to make a nice, smooth strawberry puree. Also, the flavor will be better. You will need four medium-sized strawberries to make one cup of strawberry matcha latte.

Matcha powder: you can make the drink with any matcha you buy, but it’s best to use higher-quality matcha powders. That way, you will get a tastier and more eye-catching drink. For example, you need one teaspoon to make one cup of strawberry matcha latte.

Honey:whichever you choose, it will work. In fact, you can use the liquid sweetener of your choice. Therefore, using maple, corn syrup, or agave nectar is okay.

Milk; you need it to serve a strawberry matcha latte. Feel free to use the milk of your liking, including soy or almond milk.

Pro tip: It’s wise to use unsweetened non-diary milk to ensure the balance of flavor in your strawberry matcha latte.


These are all the ingredients you need to make this delicious gift for your tastebuds – the famous strawberry matcha latte. So whether you want a nutritious breakfast that tastes like dessert or a drink to make your day a bit nicer, you can have it all with matcha.

The strawberry matcha latte is so tasty you might soon become obsessed. However, there is one critical thing to know before you get into it.

Make sure you get proper matcha. That means you should buy authentic green tea powder from Japan.

After all, it’s a shame to prepare a drink that could be incredibly tasty and ruin it with bad matcha. Ensure you’re not buying imitation matcha.

Research a bit, and use your discernment. For example, look at the price. If it’s surprisingly low, you can be sure it’s not real matcha.

The Taste of Strawberry Matcha Latte

Strawberry matcha late is one of the uniquely tasting drinks.

This is due to the rich flavor of green tea powder. Matcha powder has a bitter, earthy taste. Paired with strawberry puree and milk, it becomes a smooth, fruity blend with a nutty finish.

However, the choice of milk can influence the flavor. For example, using regular dairy type gives strawberry matcha latte a dairy finish.

But on the other hand, almond milk provides a nutty flavor to it.

How Many Calories Are In One Strawberry Matcha Latte?

A homemade strawberry matcha latte shouldn’t have more than approximately 100 calories per drink.

However, you should know that the beautiful matcha drinks made at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have around double that number.

That is one additional argument for making a DIY strawberry matcha latte.

But you can always ask the folks making your latte at cafes to use artificial sweeteners. That way, you will save on some calories.

Homemade Strawberry Matcha Latte: DIY Recipe

Yes, you can definitely make a fabulous popular strawberry and matcha blend at home for less money and with fewer calories. So you can save yourself the hustle and skip the cafes altogether.

Take a walk to your kitchen and make this heavenly drink with our simple recipe.

Of course, you might want to customize it to your liking once you try your first strawberry matcha latte.

Also, you might need a bit of practice to get the layers to look like they do in Starbucks and those fancy artisanal cafes.

However, a trial and error process will leave you with the perfect looking and just sweet enough strawberry matcha latte.

Without further ado, here is the best strawberry matcha latte recipe we tried to this point.

How To Create The Tastiest Strawberry Matcha Latte?

There are a few steps to make a respectable-looking and tasty strawberry matcha latte.

The most important of these include the following:

  • Making a strawberry puree.
  • Mixing the matcha with hot water.
  • Pouring the milk with the help of a spoon.

The latter should be done slowly. Also, you should mind the order of these steps.

The matcha and water are added on the top before serving your strawberry matcha latte. Don’t worry; we will show you how the preparation looks in detail.

Moreover, below, you will find a recipe for a strawberry matcha latte you can do in only five minutes.

Making One Cup of Strawberry Matcha Latte

You will need these ingredients to make one cup of this delicious latte: 

  • four ripe strawberries; make sure you remove the stems
  • two tablespoons of honey or your own choice of liquid sweetener
  • one tablespoon of matcha
  • hot water (1/4 cup)
  • dairy or plant-based milk (1/2 cup)
  • to serve: ice (1/2 cup)

How to:

Put the strawberries in a bowl, then crush them with a wire masher or fork until you get a puree. Then add your choice of liquid sweetener into the mix.

Now we get into the whisking part. Mix matcha powder with hot water with a frother or a whisk until it’s frothy.

You only need to combine it in the above order to get the layers.

Once you’ve assembled your strawberry matcha latte, dive in immediately while it’s fresh.

6 More Strawberry Matcha Latte Style Drinks

Although a strawberry matcha latte is incredibly satisfying, it’s nice to know several other ways you can make it.

In fact, you can make it to be even healthier and tastier.

Strawberry Matcha Latte With A Bit Of Sea Salt

Add just a sprinkle of sea salt to your regular strawberry matcha latte.

You will get both a tasty drink and an additional kick of essential and trace minerals.

Not only does it taste fantastic, but it also provides an umami kick to the strawberry matcha latte.

Moreover, the dash of salt will give you a boost of energy since mineral sea salt contains valuable electrolytes.

Strawberry Matcha Latte With Boba

If you like sweetness, adding boba pearls to your strawberry matcha latte might be fantastic.

Since bobas include brown sugar, it will give the drink more flavor.

Also, since boba balls contain carbs, the calorie intake with this type of matcha latte is higher. But that said, it’s totally worth the extra calories.

A strawberry matcha latte with boba is smooth, fruity, milky, and nutty at the same time. It’s truly a flavor bomb of the ages.

To make this kind of matcha drink, you will need the ingredients already mentioned, plus a wide straw.

Starbucks Style Strawberry Matcha Latte

The strawberry matcha latte from Starbucks is one of the favorite drinks for many humans.

Luckily, some of them are so passionate about it that they worked out a copycat recipe.

And the best thing about it is that it’s no big deal.

To get the Starbucks-like strawberry matcha latte, you will need some extra ingredients mentioned and a few minutes of preparation.

However, to get the most similar drink, you will have to add brown sugar alongside honey and strawberry compote to the mix.

In addition, you will also need ceremonial-grade matcha powder and oat milk.

Starbucks-inspired strawberry matcha latte ingredients.

The ingredients below will suffice for two drinks.

Strawberry compote:

  • Strawberries (200 grams)
  • Light brown sugar (35)

Strawberry cream:

  • Cold milk (500 grams)
  • Half cup of cold heavy cream (120 grams)
  • Strawberry compote (35 grams)

Matcha Latte:

  • Two teaspoons of ceremonial-grade matcha powder
  • Half a cup of hot water
  • Two teaspoons of liquid sweetener (honey or agave syrup)

How to:

First, you will need to make a strawberry compote. Mix the fruit with sugar without crushing it and put it in the fridge for an hour.

To get a strawberry cream:

  1. Take the milk with heavy cream and put it in a blender bowl.
  2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of fresh strawberries or compote.
  3. Blend these ingredients until you get a foamy mixture.

Finally, the matcha latte part. Take a small bowl and sift the matcha powder into it. While whisking, pour the hot water. Whisk until you get a frothy mixture.

Once you get it, add the honey or agave syrup and mix all of it together.

The finale: Take a tall glass and pour 2-3 tablespoons of strawberry compote into it. Add some ice cubes and pour the cream on top of them.

It’s time for the critical step of the process. Gently pour the matcha latte on top of everything, but make sure you’re doing it slowly. That way, you will get the layers you want.

Et voila! Do it like this, and you won’t be driving to Starbucks whenever you desire a lovely strawberry matcha latte.

Dalgona Style Strawberry Matcha Latte

Dalgona coffee was all the craze until someone made another genius version – the dalgona matcha latte.

This is a fantastic option for those that don’t consume caffeine but adore matcha.

To get a lovely, fluffy dalgona matcha, you can whip up egg whites or heavy cream.

Dalgona Matcha Latte With Egg Whites

Egg whites will help you get the famous foamy texture.

Moreover, many people say it’s even tastier to make it like this than with heavy cream. However, make sure you use pasteurized eggs to avoid raw eggs’ potentially uncomfortable side effects.

If you prefer to avoid eggs altogether, opt for heavy cream.

Dalgona Matcha Latte With Whipping Cream

Heavy cream to your matcha latte will also produce a soft, fluffy texture.

Whisk half a cup of it, but in this case, throw a bit more matcha powder in the mix to add more flavor.

This will also make the drink more colorful.

Strawberry Matcha Latte With Chocolate

Chocolate can make almost anything better, so it’s no wonder it’s the same with a matcha latte.

In fact, you can add some chocolate to your strawberry matcha latte experience to enjoy it in an exotic way.

Using dark chocolate is the best solution. Enjoy a piece before drinking your matcha latte. You will be amazed by the combination of bittersweet, strawberry, and milky delight.

Such a drink is not only delicious but also healthy. Chocolate and green tea both contain lots of antioxidants and neuroactive ingredients.

In addition, these two unique flavors work together wonderfully.

Strawberry Matcha Latte With Spices

Adding spices of choice could be another great addition to your strawberry matcha latte.

That way, you can choose spices rich in nutrients and vitamins to boost the health levels of your drink.

Some of the fantastic options include lemon zest, cardamom, fresh ginger, orange peel, coriander, and turmeric root.

Strawberry Matcha Latte Ice Lolly

Here is a brilliant idea; mix the ingredients needed for the strawberry matcha latte, but use oat milk and yogurt as an addition.

Also, use granulated sugar. You’re making popsicles, so they must be sweet.

Matcha and strawberry make a fantastic combination of ice cream, and you can get the layers too.

How to:

Mix the ingredients for the green part in a pan. Heat over medium-high heat and stir until you notice the edges bubbling.

Leave it for twenty minutes until it cools off. Then take the mixture and pour it into the mold for popsicles.

Try to make it even, and freeze until frozen.

Repeat the process for the other two layers.

Then, mix the strawberries and sugar into a smooth puree. After it’s all entirely frozen, it’s time to dive the popsicle mold into hot water.

Pull to release, and make sure you enjoy your unique strawberry matcha latte experience.

Final Words

If you still haven’t introduced matcha into your everyday diet, you should definitely do it. This finely ground green powder is one of the most popular culinary ingredients.

Matcha is used in various dishes, including desserts. However, the most favorite is undoubtedly the strawberry matcha latte version.

The drink has become trendy because of its health benefits, deliciousness, and unique colorful look. It’s fluffy, gentle, tasteful, and feels luxurious.

But the best thing about it is that you don’t have to go to Starbucks to get it. We’re positive you will find inspiration in one of these recipes. Whisk away!

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