Desserts That Start With H – Yummy List

There is no shortage of sweet and delectable options when it comes to sweets starting with H.

The world of  H desserts has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for something traditional and cozy or something more inventive and adventurous.

These sweets are as varied and diversified as they are wonderful, ranging from the classic sweetness of honey cake and hot fudge sundaes to the more unusual flavors of hamentashen ice cream and hibiscus sorbet.

The letter H contains something for everyone, whether you’re craving a heavy, decadent meal or something lighter and more energizing.

Therefore, the selection of sweets that start with H is sure to please, whether you’re celebrating a special event or simply seeking a sweet pick-me-up.

These delectable delicacies can satisfy any sweet taste and are a testament to the power of sugar, flour, and imagination.

Honey Cake

Honey cake is a classic delicacy made with spices, honey, and if necessary, nuts or dried fruit.

It is widely consumed as a dessert on holidays or other special occasions in many cultures.

Honey is used as the primary sweetener, giving the cake a particular flavor and moist texture, while spices like ginger, cinnamon, or nutmeg add warmth and richness to the flavor profile.

You can enjoy honey cake by itself, or you may top it with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It is the best option for anyone who adores dessert and honey.

Hazelnut Praline

Delicious sweet called hazelnut praline is made of hazelnuts and caramelized sugar.

The hazelnuts are stirred into the melted sugar once it has melted and turned a golden brown hue. The mixture is then spread out to chill and harden.

The outcome is a caramelized, nutty, and sweet candy that is crispy and delicious.

You can add hazelnut praline to ice cream, cakes, cookies, brownies, and other baked goods as a topping or by chopping it up.

It is a widely consumed confection that can be created using a variety of nuts, including almonds and pecans.

A sumptuous and filling dessert, hazelnut praline is ideal for anyone with a sweet appetite.

Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and almonds are the ingredients for the traditional treat known as a hot fudge sundae.

A delightful texture and temperature contrast are created when the warm, rich fudge sauce is poured over the cold, creamy ice cream.

The sundae has a pleasing crunch from the nuts and whipped cream’s light, fluffy addition.

Individual preferences can be catered for by adding different toppings to hot fudge sundaes, such as sprinkles, caramel sauce, or cherries.


A crispy and delicious confection produced from honey, sugar, and baking soda is called honeycomb, also referred to as cinder toffee or hokey pokey.

Baking soda is added after the sugar and honey have been cooked until they have melted and caramelized, causing the liquid to foam and expand.

When the mixture is finished, it has the texture and flavor of honeycomb with a light crunch after being put into a pan to chill and harden.

A favorite sweet in many nations, honeycomb can be eaten on its own or as a garnish for cakes, ice cream, or other desserts.

It is a flexible component that can be crumbled on top of baked items, covered in chocolate, or even included in homemade granola or trail mix.

Hummingbird Cake

A delectable treat frequently seen in Southern cooking is hummingbird cake. Usually made with bananas, pineapple, and pecans as well as warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, it is a moist and tasty cake.

The frosting, which is typically put on top of the cake, has a tangy, creamy flavor that counteracts the sweetness of the cake.

The hummingbird cake’s precise ancestry is unknown, however,  it is widely accepted that the Doctor Bird Cake, named for Jamaica’s national bird, was where it all began.


A typical Jewish delicacy known as hamantashen is frequently connected to the Purim festival.

These cookies have a triangular form and are typically filled with poppy seed paste or fruit jam.

They can be scented with vanilla, lemon zest, or almond extract and are produced with a dough that is comparable to shortbread or sugar cookie dough.

The Yiddish term “hamentash,” which means “Haman’s pockets,” is where the name “hamentashen” originates.

The three-cornered shape of the cookies is thought to resemble the three-cornered hat that Haman wore in the biblical account of Purim. Haman was the villain.

Honey Butter

Honey and butter are combined to create the easy-to-make and delectable spread known as honey butter.

The butter lends a thick and creamy texture, and the honey gives the butter a sweet and floral flavor.

These two ingredients combined make a spread that may be applied to a number of meals.

Honey butter is a well-liked topping for pancakes and waffles in addition to being a popular spread for biscuits, toast, and other baked goods.

It can be added to popcorn for a sweet and salty snack, or used as a glaze for roasted meats or vegetables, or both.

Honey butter can be prepared using either ordinary butter or lighter, fluffier whipped butter.

Huckleberry Pie

The small, round, and somewhat tart huckleberry fruit, which grows wild in many regions of the United States, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, is used to make the traditional dish huckleberry pie.

Fresh huckleberries, sugar, lemon juice, and other ingredients are combined to make the pie, which is then baked inside a flaky pie crust.

A distinct and delectable flavor that is both sour and sweet characterizes huckleberry pie.

Typically, flour or cornstarch is used to thicken the filling, giving it a slightly gelatinous texture that contrasts well with the buttery, flaky crust.

Hokey Pokey

The honeycomb candy-like confection known as “Hokey Pokey” is crunchy and sweet.

It is a well-liked dessert in New Zealand, where you may frequently find it in markets, shops, and fairs.

Hokey pokey is thought to have derived from the English toffee makers’ use of the catchphrase “hocus pocus” to draw in customers.

Syrup, sugar, and baking soda are heated until they foam and froth, then the liquid is poured into molds or onto an oiled surface to cool and set.

The end product is a sweet, buttery candy with a light, honeycomb-like texture and crunch.

Hamentashen Ice Cream

Using the tastes of classic hamentashen cookies and rich ice cream, hamentashen ice cream creates a unique and delectable frozen dessert.

Traditionally eaten on the Jewish holiday of Purim, hamentashen are triangle-shaped biscuits that are usually filled with jam or other delicious fillings.

Hamentashen ice cream is made by combining cookie dough with a creamy ice cream base, chilling, and then freezing it until it has the proper consistency.

The outcome is a smooth, creamy ice cream that is mixed with pieces of hamentashen cookie dough to provide the ideal balance of sweet and sour flavors.

Honey Mousse

To make the light and airy dessert known as honey mousse, whipping cream, egg whites, and honey that has been sweetened are combined.

It is a simple dish that nonetheless manages to look elegant and is perfect for serving on special occasions or just as a sweet treat whenever the mood strikes.

Whip the egg whites separately until they reach firm peaks before combining the egg whites with the cream to make the honey mousse.

The two are then gently incorporated into the honey-blended mixture and combined to create it smooth and fluffy.

The mousse has to chill in the fridge for a few hours or until it sets.

The outcome is a dish that is sweet and creamy,  with a delicate texture and a faint honey flavor.


Traditional German and Austrian bread known as hefezopf is typically consumed as a sweet delicacy for breakfast or brunch.

The bread has a soft, fluffy texture and a slightly sweet flavor, and it is produced using flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, and butter, making it similar to brioche.

Hefezopf is made by combining the ingredients to create a smooth dough, which is then allowed to rise for a number of hours.

After shaping the dough into braided bread, it is cooked until golden.

For more sweetness and luster after baking, bread is frequently coated with butter or a sugar glaze.

Hummus Dip with Honey and Pomegranate

A tasty and healthful appetizer, hummus dip with honey and pomegranate mixes the savory, rich flavors of hummus with the sweet, acidic flavor of pomegranate.

A common Middle Eastern spread called hummus is created from tahini, chickpeas, garlic, and lemon juice.

The regular hummus ingredients are combined to create a smooth, creamy dip when making hummus dip with honey and pomegranate.

The dip is then garnished with a scattering of pomegranate seeds and drizzle of honey.

A complex and delectable flavor is produced by mixing the savory hummus with honey’s sweetness and pomegranate’s acidity.

Honey Lavender Ice Cream

A delectable and distinctive ice cream flavor, honey lavender ice cream combines the floral and aromatic flavor of lavender with the sweetness of honey.

In the culinary community, this flavor is rising in popularity, especially in artisanal and gourmet ice cream stores.

A custard base is created with cream, egg yolks, milk, sugar, and honey to make honey lavender ice cream.

The cream and milk combination is then steeped with dried lavender flowers to give the ice cream a floral, fragrant flavor.

After cooling, the custard base is processed in an ice cream maker to create a smooth, creamy texture.

Honey Bun

Popular sweet pastries like honey buns are frequently eaten for breakfast or as a dessert.

It is a particular kind of sweet roll created with a soft, supple dough that has honey and cinnamon flavoring.

A sweet filling made of cinnamon, honey, and butter is added after the dough has been thinly rolled out.

The dough is then split into individual pieces, shaped into a spiral, and cooked till golden brown.

The finished honey bun is a decadent pastry that is sweet, fragrant, and ideal as an afternoon or morning snack.

It can be savored by itself or with a cup of tea or coffee and is frequently served warm.

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse

A rich and indulgent treat that is ideal for any chocolate lover is hazelnut chocolate mousse.

Chocolate and hazelnut tastes are combined to create a smooth and creamy mousse.

Making a chocolate ganache by melting chocolate and whisking in heavy cream until smooth is the first step in making hazelnut chocolate mousse.

The ganache is then flavored with hazelnut liqueur and ground hazelnuts to give it a rich, nutty flavor.

The ganache is then beaten into a light and airy mousse after being refrigerated until it becomes solid.

Hamentashen Cheesecake

A unique take on a popular treat, hamentashen cheesecake mixes the mouthwatering tastes of a traditional Jewish cookie with creamy and rich cheesecake.

A standard cheesecake must first be baked until it is firm and golden brown before being turned into hamentashen cheesecake.

The next step is to combine flour, eggs, sugar, oil, and a little vanilla essence. The dough is then chilled until it is stiff enough to roll out.

The preferred jam, such as raspberry or apricot, is then placed into the small circles of dough that have been rolled out and cut.

To imitate the classic hamentashen cookie, the filled circles are then folded into a triangle shape.

Huckleberry Cobbler

A traditional American delicacy, huckleberry cobbler combines huckleberries’ delectable and tangy flavor with a warm and inviting cobbler.

When huckleberries are in season in the fall and winter, this dessert is ideal.

Huckleberries are first combined with flour, sugar, and lemon juice to make a delectable and tart filling for huckleberry cobbler.

Then, a basic biscuit-like dough made from sugar, flour, milk, butter, and baking powder is used to cover the filling in a baking dish.

The cobbler is then cooked until the topping is golden brown and crispy and the mixture is bubbling.

Honeyed Yogurt

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that is both healthful and simple to create, honeyed yogurt is the ideal choice.

It is a simple treat that is ideal for any time of day. It is produced by blending creamy, plain yogurt with sweet and fragrant honey.

Honey is generously added to plain yogurt to create honeyed yogurt, which can be tailored to each person’s preferred level of sweetness.

The combination is then chilled until it has reached room temperature and the flavors have combined.

Hazelnut Macarons

French macarons, which are formed with ground hazelnuts and a light, fluffy meringue, are a delectable and delicate treat.

These little, round cookies are filled with a smooth, creamy hazelnut ganache and have a crunchy outside and a soft, chewy middle.

To make hazelnut macarons, a thick and smooth paste made of ground hazelnuts, powdered sugar, and egg whites is used.

Then, this paste is combined with an egg white and sugar meringue to create a light and airy batter that is piped into tiny rounds.

Honey Pudding

A sweet dish called honey pudding is produced from honey, milk, and cornstarch.

This straightforward dessert is quick to prepare, has a silky smooth texture, and a comfortingly sweet flavor that is suitable for any season.

Honey pudding is made by heating a mixture of honey, milk, and cornstarch over medium heat while stirring continuously until the mixture starts to thicken and boil.

After that, the mixture is taken off the heat and placed into a large dish or individual serving cups, where it is cooled until it thickens into a smooth, creamy pudding.

Hot Cross Buns

In many Christian cultures, hot cross buns are a classic, delicious and spiced yeast bread that is often consumed on Good Friday.

The top of the buns is marked with a cross, which historically represents the crucifixion of Jesus and is composed of pastry or a basic batter of flour and water.

A dough containing flour, sugar, yeast, eggs, butter, and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice is used to make hot cross buns.

To give the dough a pleasant and fruity flavor, dried fruits including currants, raisins, and candied citrus peel are frequently included.

Honey Nut Brittle

Your sweet craving will be satisfied by the crunchy, tasty, and sweet honey nut brittle.

Among the nuts that are added after caramelizing a mixture of sugar, honey, and butter are almonds, pecans, and peanuts.

On an oiled baking sheet, the batter is spread out to cool and firm, creating a crispy, brittle texture.

Honey nut brittle is a delectable snack that combines the richness of butter, the crunch of nuts, and the sweetness of honey.

Hibiscus Sorbet

A cool and beautiful treat that is ideal for warm summer days is hibiscus sorbet.

This tart, sweet, and faintly flowery sorbet is made from dried hibiscus flower petals.

Hibiscus flowers are steeped in a simple syrup to release their vibrant red color and flavor, then the sorbet is made.

After cooling and straining the mixture, it is put into an ice cream maker and stirred until it acquires a frozen and creamy consistency.

The outcome is a light, crisp sorbet with a delicately flowery flavor that is ideal for a cool summer treat.

Honey-Roasted Peaches

A tasty and easy dessert that only requires a few ingredients is honey-roasted peaches.

This dish mixes the honey flavor with the natural sweetness of ripe peaches to produce a delectable and soothing treat.

Ripe peaches are pitted and split in half to make honey-roasted peaches.

They are after that put on a baking sheet and brushed with butter, honey, and a dash of salt.

The peaches are baked until they are soft and caramelized, which brings out their inherent sweetness and improves the flavor.

Hazelnut Torte

A rich and indulgent dessert that is suitable for any celebration is hazelnut torte.

The ingredients used to make this dessert—ground hazelnuts, eggs, flour, and sugar—create a wonderful, nutty flavor.

Ground hazelnuts are combined with flour, baking powder, and sugar to form a hazelnut torte.

Sugar and egg yolks are combined in a different bowl and whipped to a light and fluffy consistency.

A light and airy batter is then created by folding the hazelnut mixture into the egg yolk mixture along with beaten egg whites.

An oiled and floured pan is then filled with the batter, which is then baked until golden and firm.


In addition to being delicious, these desserts frequently have cultural or historical importance.

Desserts that begin with the letter H offer a distinctive and intriguing way to experience the world of sweets thanks to their wide range of textures, flavors, and ingredients.

Desserts that begin with letter H will delight anyone who has a sweet tooth or just likes to occasionally treat themselves.

Don’t be scared to try a novel and intriguing dessert that begins with this letter the next time you’re in the mood for something sweet.

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