Candy That Starts With O – Yummy List

If you’re in the mood for something sweet and delicious, there’s nothing more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a scrumptious piece of candy.

Whether it’s chocolate truffles, lollipops, gummy bears – whatever your preference may be – everyone loves indulging in their favorite treat from time to time!

If you’ve been searching for some new ideas for sweets that start with O – look no further.

This article will provide you with an extensive list of delectable treats beginning with the letter ‘O’ that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth!

Oh Henry Candy Bar

The Oh Henry Candy Bar is a yummy treat that has been delighting taste buds for nearly a hundred years.

Developed in 1920 by the Williamson Candy Company, it made its name as an enjoyable and necessary break from the everyday.

It combines deliciousness with convenience – a perfect blend of sweet peanuts, smooth and creamy caramel, and luscious chocolate chips.

Originally marketed as a “nutty, irresistible confection,” the Oh Henry is still enjoyed today by many around the globe.

With its legendary tagline, “What could be finer than an Oh Henry bar?”, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular!

Old Faithful Candy Bar

An old classic, the Old Faithful Candy Bar has been winning hearts for decades due to its unique and delicious combination of peanut butter and caramel.

Its generous portion of peanuts and gooey caramel make it a tantalizing experience for taste buds all over.

Rich in goodness, this old favorite will never disappoint when your cravings come calling.

Indulgence at its best, the Old Faithful Candy Bar will always remain a timeless treat across generations – from your grandparents to your grandchildren.

Orange Slices

Orange Slices candy is a beloved classic among many generations.

What makes them so special is their unique blend of sweet and tart flavors, achieved with only the freshest oranges and natural oil essences.

The iconic yellow and orange striped slices make for a distinctive presentation that looks as good as it tastes.

Enjoying a bag of Orange Slices anytime is sure to bring back delightful childhood memories!

Their delicious flavor, invigorating scent, and retro look create an unforgettable experience for anyone who tries them.


Orange Heads candy is a classic, recognizable treat that has been around for many years.

With its zesty citrus flavor and unique shape, it stands out among other sweets.

Their eye-catching orange color is achieved naturally with the help of real orange juice extract and their texture is delicious – crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Orangeheads are a great snack to give to children because they offer both a sweet indulgence and a unique burst of fruity flavor.

Whether it’s used as a reward after finishing homework or folded into lunchboxes as part of packable snacks, these enticing treats have stood the test of time and will remain a trusted favorite for generations to come!

Orange Starburst

Orange Starburst candy is one of everyone’s favorite treats. One bite and you’re immediately taken to a place of sweet, citrusy delight.

Not many candies can provoke such an immediate joy in a person like Orange Starburst does.

This flavor has been around for years and it is here to stay, providing the same level of enjoyable pleasure that it’s always had.

Few candies can be described as truly unique; however, with its unique blend of sweetness and tartness, Orange Starburst stands out among the rest.

Whether you enjoy them by themselves or choose to use them as a topping on your next ice cream sundae, they definitely bring something special every time!


Oh, the Oreo! A lip-smacking treat that is loved by millions around the globe and one of the most popular cookies in history.

Whether you love it as a sandwich cookie with a creamy filling or prefer to take it apart and savor each piece separately, this classic snack has been delighting taste buds for generations.

Oreos are a classic candy that has been enjoyed by kids and adults alike for generations.

With their iconic black-and-white design and delicious filling, Oreo cookies have long been an iconic American snack.

Made with just two chocolate wafers and a white, creme filling, Oreo cookies offer the perfect balance of crunchiness and sweetness in every bite.

Whether enjoyed on their own or in your favorite milkshake recipe, Oreos are the perfect snack to indulge in at any time of day.

From cake-like vanilla or chocolate cookies to unique flavors like a cinnamon roll and mint creme, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Oreos. Enjoy a classic snack with an exciting twist—Oreo!

Oh Poop

Oh poop, the candy that looks like it came straight out of the loo!

This popular confectionary treat is sure to have you in stitches!

It may look a little off-putting, but don’t be fooled—Oh Poop candy has a delicious and unique flavor.

The creamy white center is flavored with an exquisite blend of strawberry, banana, and bubblegum that will send your taste buds on an adventure.

Get ready for a sugary good time with Oh Poop candy!

Oink candy

Oink candy—a unique, fun treat that’s sure to be a hit! These cute little pig noses come in fruity flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and blueberry.

Each hard candy is attached to a plastic support that gives it the appearance of a pig nose.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the delightful flavor of these sugary treats.

They’re great for birthday parties, holidays, or any other special occasion. With Oink candy, you can make any celebration more enjoyable!


Orbit gum has been a popular choice for candy lovers since its debut in the 1940s.

An iconic brand of Wrigley’s, Orbit is renowned for its refreshing and long-lasting taste.

Noting how important health and hygiene are, each piece of Orbit contains xylitol – a natural sweetener – to assist in fighting plaque on teeth.

Available in many flavors, traditional spearmint being the most popular, Orbit ensures that everyone can find something they like and enjoy.

A fun way to brighten up any occasion, add flavor to any beverage, or enjoy on its own, Orbit delivers an unparalleled taste experience with every chew!

Otter Pops

Otter Pops candies are a classic favorite for kids and adults alike. These classic popsicles come in a variety of fruity flavors, including lime, cherry, grape, raspberry, and banana.

Each Otter Pop is individually wrapped making it perfect for snacking any time of day.

Not only do they taste amazing but they also offer a touch of nostalgia with their fun packaging featuring an otter character.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat to enjoy at the beach or just want to bring some childhood memories back to life, Otter Pops candies are sure to please!

Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes

Oh Ryan’s Irish potatoes are a unique, sweet treat that can be found all across the United States and have made a name for themselves as an unconventional yet delicious candy.

Each small bite consists of fluffy coconut covered in cinnamon.

Although it may not look like the most appetizing of the candies, Oh Ryan’s Irish potatoes are surprisingly flavorful and melt in your mouth with each bite.

The fun color and interesting shape make it enjoyable to eat and share with friends and family.

Moreover, OH Ryan’s Irish potatoes are perfect for any holiday or gathering, allowing everyone to enjoy the wonderful flavor without having to worry about broken pieces.


Oinks are the perfect snack for anyone who loves the savory flavor of smoked bacon combined with sweet chocolate.

These delicious treats are made from real sliced applewood smoked bacon, covered in either dark or milk chocolate.

Oinks provide an unexpected flavor experience that will tantalize your taste buds and make you come back for more.

Each bite is a unique mixture of salty and sweet flavors that will leave you wanting even more.

Whether you’re looking for a special treat to share with friends or just want a delicious snack, Oinks is sure to please!


Opulence chocolate bottles with wine filling are a gourmet experience like no other.

Made from high-quality Belgian chocolate, these unique treats come in an elegant bottle shape

Created in Belgium, these luxurious treats come filled with rich and decadent dark or milk chocolate combined with delicious red or white wine.

The combination of sweet and savory is truly divine, delivering an exquisite flavor that will have your taste buds tantalized.

Each bottle has been expertly crafted to ensure it looks as opulent as it tastes, making it the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Indulge in the ultimate experience of opulence – Opulence chocolate bottles with wine filling!

Whether you’re looking to gift someone special with the ultimate luxury or just want something decadent to enjoy yourself, Opulence chocolate bottles are sure to satisfy your cravings!

Orange Rings

Orange Rings candy is a beloved classic with a timeless flavor.

This well-known treat has been enjoyed by generations of people around the world thanks to its classic orange flavor and round shape.

There are also variations available that provide a great twist on the traditional taste, such as those filled with colorful hard candy or chewy caramel.

Whether you’re looking for something tangy and sweet or savory and chewy, Orange Rings candy is sure to do the trick.

Add this delectable treat to any occasion for a bit of added fun on an otherwise ordinary day.


A sweet treat for any occasion, Ovalteenies candy is a hard-shelled chocolate that has been an irresistible favorite for generations.

From birthday parties to movie nights and beyond, these tasty treats have been enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

What truly sets this classic candy apart from the rest is its unique shape: oval-shaped and with a delightfully crisp texture that you won’t find in other chocolates.

Ovaleenies are the perfect snack for anyone looking for a delicious and indulgent treat.

Made from high-quality Belgian chocolate, these unique treats come in an oval shape and offer a decadent flavor packed with rich cocoa.

Plus, they come in either milk or dark varieties so there’s something to satisfy any sweet tooth!

So why not pick up a pack of Ovalteenies the next time you’re looking for a sugary snack?

Perfect for snacking throughout the day or as a luxurious pick-me-up, Ovaleenies offer a sweet yet satisfying experience that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re gifting someone special or just indulging yourself, these miniature chocolates are sure to become your new favorite way to satisfy your cravings!

They are made of Ovaltine, a popular, nutritious malt-flavored drink mix made from malted barley, wheat flour, and milk.

Originating in Switzerland over 100 years ago as a health supplement for children, Ovaltine quickly gained popularity worldwide as an enjoyable beverage perfect for any time of day.

Rich and creamy in texture, Ovaltine offers many essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your body fueled without the added sugar or artificial flavors.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious pick-me-up or a nutritious way to start your day, Ovaltine can be enjoyed hot or cold – making it the perfect choice for everyone!

Orange Jelly Beans

Orange jelly beans are a classic candy choice that many people enjoy.

This sweet treat can be found in many places, from supermarkets to convenience stores. Its vibrant orange color stands out, making it one of the most recognizable items on the shelves.

Not only is it bright and cheerful, but it’s also delightfully sweet and chewy, a perfect combination for any dessert lover.

Its smooth sugary taste makes it an ideal treat for special occasions or just a regular day of snacking.

Whether you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth or simply have an extra burst of energy in the afternoon, orange jellybeans are sure to get the job done!

Opal fruit

Opal Fruit is a deliciously sugary treat! The original Opal Fruit was first produced by Mars Inc, in the early 1960s. It quickly became a global hit, being sold everywhere from Europe to Australasia and beyond.

An iconic flavor of its time, it consisted of lemon and orange slices coated in a crunchy sugar shell.

Even now, many people who tasted this candy during their childhood still yearn for that bursting citrus feeling they once had!

Happily enough, there are multiple ways to enjoy this classic confection even today – online stores have started resurrecting these cherished treats in recent months.


Ovomaltine is a unique and popular Swiss confection that is loved by people around the world.

It was first developed in the early 1900s and has many subtle flavors including chocolate, malt, and honey.

It can be eaten as a bar or in powder form as an ingredient in biscuits.

Its distinctive flavor profile makes it a favorite among candy enthusiasts who love trying new tastes.

Ovomaltine is ideal as a snack, either on its own or accompanied with something else like ice cream or wafers.

With its timeless taste and convenient packaging, it’s no wonder this candy that starts with the letter ‘O’ has become such a beloved treat!

Orange Circus Peanuts

Orange circus peanuts candy has been around for generations, offering a classic treat for candy lovers.

If you have never tried it before, you are in for a unique experience.

Unlike regular peanuts, this confectionary is light and spongy to the touch and has an unforgettable orange flavour.

They make the perfect snack to carry in your bag during long trips or while just sitting outside enjoying some sunshine!

Enjoy the amazing taste of orange circus peanuts candy – a delicious treat that starts with the letter O!


Oblea is a traditional Mexican and Spanish confection that dates back to the 18th century.

It’s similar in composition to wafer cookies, but thicker, and usually features two confectionary layers with a cream filling in between.

Oblea gets its unique flavor from the sugar and syrup used in making it, which can also feature other ingredients such as honey or chocolate.

The treat has been enjoyed in some form or another since its inception, as evidenced by mentions of it appearing as far back as 1762 in Luis López de Haro’s El Gran Duque de Alba cookbook.

A much-beloved snack today, Oblea is even featured at busy markets around Mexico due to its popularity among locals.

Orange sherbet Bombs

Orange sherbet bombs are one of the many delicious candy options that start with the letter O.

These treats combine two classic sweets: orange sherbet, whose citrusy flavor entices any palette, and a hard candy shell that gives these an extra crunch.

Orange sherbet bombs are perfect for those who like a little bit of tangy sweetness mixed in with their treat.

Orange Sherbet Bombs are a sweet and tangy treat that is sure to put a smile on your face. Resembling mini oranges, these delicious balls of sherbet are made with real orange juice and the perfect blend of sugar and spices – making them the perfect indulgent snack.

They make a great addition to any party or celebration, as they look just as good as they taste.

Plus, with their refreshingly zesty flavor, Orange Sherbet Bombs offer a unique twist on traditional candy that will keep everyone coming back for more!

Octopus gummy

If you’re searching for an unusual candy that will wow your friends and family, look no further than the Octopus gummy.

This eye-catching, purple creation resembles a real-life cephalopod, with its eight arms stretching in all directions.

Each piece is coated with a subtle dusting of sour powder for an added zing of flavor. It’s a fun treat for any occasion or celebration, sure to get people talking.

Taste aside, this delightful item is also known to spark great conversations.

So if you’re looking for something unique and exciting to share, reach for an Octopus gummy—it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones!

To wrap things up, it’s clear that candy that starts with the letter O is quite diverse.

Whether you are looking for something sweet and chewy, crunchy and crispy, or creamy and smooth, this list has a little bit of everything.

While there are many more varieties of O-starting candies out there that weren’t mentioned here – you can always experiment to discover your personal preferences.

Who knows what delicious treats you may uncover?

Plus, if you find something that you truly love, why not make it a ritual to add it to an upcoming celebration?

There’s no denying the fact that candy definitely brings much joy to our special occasions!

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