Candy That Starts With I – Yummy List

Candy that starts with “I” can offer a unique and delightful treat for all ages.

Whether you’re a kid looking for something sweet, an adult trying to satisfy their sugary cravings, or just someone seeking out something new and novel – candy starting with I is sure to delight.

From the classic Iced gummy bears to more exotic Italian licorice, there are plenty of options available when it comes to candies beginning with “I”.

Read on as we explore some of the tastier treats that start with this letter!

There are a wide variety of candies that start with the letter I.

For those who like to put a little more heat in their sweet treats, there’s Indian Licorice, which contains Aniseed oil and is often colored red.

Finally, fans of classic sweets will love the Indulgence Gummy Bears, with their melt-in-your-mouth texture and strong fruit flavors.

So why not try something starting with I next time you’re craving some candy?

Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes Candy has been around since the 1940s and has been a popular treat ever since.

With its unique shape and delightfully crunchy texture, it’s easy to see why this citrus-flavored candy has stuck around for so long.

Each piece consists of a pleasantly tart center surrounded by tangy sugar crystals.

Although the original flavors have stayed constant, over time Ice Cube Candies have become more widely available and many variations now exist with different colors and flavor combinations.

It’s no wonder that this classic candy still remains at the top of everyone’s list when they are looking for something sweet!

Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers are a popular brand of chewy mints that will leave your breath feeling cool and refreshed!

With a variety of flavors, including strawberry, watermelon, and Arctic Grape, these little candies pack a punch in flavor that is sure to please any sweet tooth.

The unique designs on the individual pieces make them fun to eat too! Each piece looks like it has been sliced or broken into sections which gives them their name – ‘Ice Breakers’.

With every purchase, you get to pick from an assortment of shapes and sizes, so there is always something new to enjoy.

If you’re looking for something different to satisfy your sugar cravings but don’t want anything too heavy, Ice Breakers are definitely worth trying.

Indulgence Gummy Bears

Indulgence Gummy Bears are the perfect treat for anyone who is looking to satisfy their sweet tooth craving with a hint of nostalgia.

These little treats provide a mouth-watering gummy texture that comes in five unforgettable flavors, including sour lemon, tropical fruit, blue raspberry, strawberry, and white grape.

Enjoy the fruity flavor while still managing blood sugar levels, thanks to its low glycemic index.

These delicious snacks make it easy to indulge without compromising nutrition needs.

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals like zinc and iron, Indulgence Gummy Bears offer an indulgent yet healthy treat for any occasion.

Iced Gems

Iced Gems are a classic treat that has been around for decades. With their colorful sequined shells and sweet, fluffy centers, they make for a delectable snack.

Unlike other sweets, Iced Gems are small, so you can enjoy them one at a time without feeling guilty.

As they are bite-sized, they are perfect if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth just a little bit!

Combining crunchy biscuits and soft icing, Iced Gems may not be the healthiest of snacks, but they sure do taste delicious.


Inchworms may be tiny, but they pack a sweet punch. This classic candy is an ideal treat for kids and adults alike – it has just the right balance of sugary sweetness combined with buttery goodness.

The real treat is that these delightful sweets are shaped like little inchworms, making them even more fun to eat!

With their soft texture and sensational flavor, Inchworms make every bite a special occasion.

Plus, this delicious candy starts with “I,” great for themed parties starting with that letter!

Enjoy your special I-nchy moment and savor the sweet taste of Inchworms.

Indian Corn Candy

Indian Corn Candy is a festive fall treat featuring flavors of chocolate, white cake, and caramel that delight taste buds everywhere.

The candy itself is shaped like corn kernels – each piece resembling the classic agricultural staple it’s named after.

The inside is a delicious combination of caramelization and softness that will make you want to savor each delicious bite, while the outside has a crunch to bring it all together.

It’s perfect for any autumn celebration since its distinctive shape and inviting flavor matches the signature fall color palettes and themes so popular in seasonal festivities.

Enjoy this unique confectionery creation as an accompaniment to your fall festivities!

In addition to being an amazing snack, Indian Corn Candy is surprisingly easy to make at home and requires few ingredients, so you can have plenty of this decadent treat without having to break the bank.

Give your loved ones the gift of a delicious dessert this year and enjoy partaking in some Indian Corn Candy.

Irish Mints

Irish Mints are a delicious type of candy that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Originally developed in Ireland, these mints have become a favorite of many around the world.

Each piece is made with a creamy center that combines balsam and peppermint oil as well as premium dark chocolate.

The traditional Irish-style confectionery has a pleasant cooling sensation while eating and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Irish Mints make an ideal treat, offering both sweetness and freshness – all while being guilt-free!

Try them out today to see just how amazing they are!

Idaho Spud

Idaho Spud candy is a classic treat that has been around since 1918. It is a creamy chocolate bar with marshmallows and coconut filling.

The bars are made from a top-secret recipe and contain real milk chocolate, making it a rich and tasty treat.

With its sweet sugary flavor, it’s no wonder that everyone loves an Idaho Spud.

Italian Licorice

Italian licorice is a toothsome treat that is sure to please everyone. It is made with anise, which gives it an unmistakably sweet and flavorsome taste.

Unlike many other types of candy, Italian licorice has a chewy texture that when paired with its intense flavor makes it an enjoyable experience for the senses.

It would make a great addition to any candy lover’s pantry as its unique taste offers a delightful alternative to the more mainstream varieties of candy.

Impact Airhead Candy

Impact Airhead Candy is a delicious and light chewy treat that every sweet tooth needs to try.

It comes in an array of colors and flavors, from traditional raspberry to more tantalizing options such as green apple and peach.

It’s ideal for kids’ parties, school lunches, or even just a mid-afternoon snack when you’re craving something sugary.

The airy texture ensures it’s still light enough not to feel too heavy, yet satisfyingly sweet enough to maintain its taste.

While it may seem small, each piece packs a punch with its unique flavorful mix that never fails to satisfy any dessert craving. Impact Airhead Candy is an I-treat no one should miss!

IBC root beer barrels

IBC root beer barrels are an iconic candy that has stood the test of time.

These sweet, tart treats have a crunchy outer coating and a soft, creamy center filled with root beer flavor.

The combination of the two textures is sure to delight any candy lover!

Each barrel weighs in at roughly seven ounces, making it just right for snacking on the go or for sharing with family and friends.

Whether you want to reminisce about old childhood memories or simply enjoy a yummy treat, IBC root beer barrels will hit the spot every time.

Incredible Edibles Sour Worms Candies

Incredible Edibles Sour Worms give sweet tooths an incredible treat they won’t be able to resist!

These sour-tasting gummies come in a variety of delicious flavors that range from intensely tangy to delicately sweet.

They are enriched with Vitamin C to ensure that your candy-snacking experience is as healthy as it is enjoyable.

With uniformly shaped candies in a range of eye-catching colors, Incredible Edibles Sour Worms provide both excitements on the plate and tantalizing taste buds.

So if you’re looking for something special to satisfy your sweet craving, grab some Incredible Edibles Sour Worms – you won’t regret it!

 I Love Sushi Fruit Gummies

I Love Sushi Fruit Gummies are a delicious candy that provides an interesting twist on a classic treat.

They come in the shape of iconic sushi dishes like the California Roll, each with its own unique flavor combination.

There is something for everyone to enjoy; the California Roll is a sweet and tangy blend of pineapple, mango, peach and grape flavors while the Philadelphia Roll contains raspberry, peach, and strawberry tastes.

Perfect as a snack between meals or when you need an extra boost of energy at the end of the day, these gummies will not disappoint!


Icee is one of the most iconic treats that starts with I. Whether you find them in grocery stores, at movie theaters, or at convenience stores, this frozen drink promises an icy delight with every sip.

Making it’s debut in 1965, Icee has since gained a cult-like following around the globe since its introduction to international markets in the early 2000s.

From various flavor collaborations to molds in the shape of your favorite characters, it has been able to cater to all forms of sweet cravings over the years.

Nowadays, if you’re looking for an easy treat that’s sure to make you smile, an Icee is sure to hit the spot.

Indian licorice candy

Indian licorice candy is a traditional sweet treat that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Its distinct flavor combines the sweetness of sugar with the pungency of licorice root, creating a unique and delightful taste.

Often shaped like tiny footballs or tiny cylinders, these candies come in a variety of colors and flavors, ranging from rose to cardamom.

Indian licorice candies are popular for their intense flavors and ability to quickly freshen breath.

They can be shared among friends, added to desserts for a sweet and salty contrast, or simply popped into your mouth for a quick burst of flavor.

Whether you’re looking for an exotic snack to share with friends or just a little something sweet to brighten your day, Indian licorice candy could be the perfect indulgence.

Icee squeeze candy

Icee squeeze candy is an exciting and convenient way to enjoy your favorite Icee beverage in a yummy, candy form!

Not only does the classic flavor of Icee come through in each delicious, squeezable piece – but with multiple flavor options such as blue raspberry, cherry, and lime – you can mix and match for a wide variety of different combinations.

These tangy little treats are sure to bring you pure sugary joy whenever a sweet tooth craving strikes.

The best part? Icee squeeze candy won’t require any utensils, messes, or refills – just grab one right off the shelf and get ready for an adventure into flavor land!

Irish Cream Filled Chocolates

Irish Cream Filled Chocolates make a delicious sweet treat to add to any celebration.

These small, creamy chocolates are made with real Irish cream and provide a hint of brightness to the rich chocolate taste.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing something for everyone at the party.

Whether it’s as an after-dinner treat or just as a special treat to enjoy during the day, these Irish Cream Filled Chocolates offer an easy way to combine everyone’s favorite flavors into one delightful bite.

Ice blue

Ice Blue Candy is a classic hard candy that’s been around for years. It may be small, but it packs a sugary punch with a unique blend of cool menthol and light sweetness in each and every piece.

Not only is Ice Blue Candy a deliciously refreshing treat, but it also includes natural ingredients like cane sugar and eucalyptus oil that make it even more enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking for a quick afternoon pick-me-up or something to add an extra pop of flavor to your favorite recipes, Ice Blue Candy is definitely the way to go!

Ice Cream Cones Candy Bits

Delicious and sweet, Ice Cream Cones Candy Bits are the perfect treat for someone looking to satisfy their sugar craving.

These colorful candy bits are coated in a delectable sugary crunch that melts in your mouth as you bite into them.

Perfectly sized to be enjoyed at any time, these yummy treats come in red, green, yellow, and blue so you can pick whichever one you crave the most!

With a taste that is sure to please, Ice Cream Cones Candy Bits are sure to bring a smile of delight to whoever eats them.

Imp Truffles

Imp Truffles are a unique candy that offers a delightful sensation for all the senses.

These truffles have an exterior of sweet milk chocolate and are filled with a creamy, caramel center.

The signature crunch comes from the roasted hazelnuts sprinkled into each truffle, giving it a bit of an extra flavor boost.

A taste of Imp Truffles will tantalize your taste buds, while their beautiful visual presentation will absolutely impress you.

Best of all, they come in packs of four, so everyone can savor the deliciousness and enjoy some at their own pace.

Icicle Pops

Icicle Pops are a sweet treat for any occasion.

These frozen delights come in an array of flavors such as blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, and rainbow sherbet.

Not only are they sweet, but the bright colors make them fun to eat!

Each pop has an icy creamy center wrapped in a colorful hard candy shell that shatters upon biting into it.

With each bite, you get a combination of flavor and texture not found in many other candies.

To make it even better, Icicle Pops provide refreshment during summer days or just when you want a cold snack to cool you down.

So be sure to pick up some Icicle Pops next time you’re looking for something yummy and special!

Ice Cream Sundae Lollipops

If you’re looking for a delectable treat that starts with I, look no further than ice cream sundae lollipops.

This delightful combination of classic flavors will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more.

Hand-crafted for maximum flavor, these lollipops combine the beloved combination of creamy vanilla and sugary strawberry or chocolate syrup.

Adorned with colorful rainbow sprinkles, this tasty treat is sure to bring a smile to any face as soon as it’s unwrapped.

Ideal for a special occasion or an everyday indulgence, why not pick up some ice cream sundae lollipops today?

Island Snacks Gummy Bears

If you’re looking for a delicious treat that starts with the letter ‘I’, then island snacks gummy bears are an excellent choice.

These decadent sweets are bursting with fruity flavor and come in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

Made with natural ingredients, these gummy bears are sure to be a hit with any sweet tooth!

Enjoy them as a snack-time favorite or give them out at birthday parties for an extra special treat.

With Island Snacks Gummy Bears, you’ll have something special to savor every time you take a bite!

Imperial Mints 

Imperial Mints are the perfect answer for anyone looking for an after-dinner treat.

These small, round candies come in a variety of flavors including peppermint, wintergreen, and spearmint.

They have a refreshingly smooth texture that offers an enjoyable crunch when first bitten into.

Imperial Mints are perfect for popping into your mouth one by one or adding as a surprise to any cookie or ice cream dessert.

With an intense minty flavor, these little treats offer a vibrant burst of sweetness that will leave your taste buds satisfied!

Ivory mountain chocolate

If you’re looking for an indulgent treat to add to your next movie night, consider Ivory Mountain Chocolate.

This candy is made with rich Swiss cocoa and real cream that is brought together in an intense flavor experience.

With its smooth texture and delectable crunch, Ivory Mountain Chocolate provides a unique combination of sweet and savory that will satisfy any craving.

Plus, its creamy interior ensures every bite melts away in your mouth like a perfect dream! Treat yourself or someone special – make sure you have enough for everyone!


Peter’s Chocolate has an irresistible treat with their Icecaps.

Icecaps are a delicious and unique type of candy. As the name implies, they have a cool, icy taste – rich and sweet with a hint of mint.

The exterior layer is crunchy, giving way to a soft interior.

An eye-catching swirl of colors and flavors makes them an especially attractive snack.

This unique combination of bold contrasting flavors contains a crunchy toffee center, and creamy caramel around it and is then dipped in rich Belgian chocolate.

Not only will this satisfy your sweet tooth, but its sleek design makes it look just as stunningly delicious as it tastes.

An interesting twist on a traditional favorite, Icecaps by Peter’s Chocolate is the perfect indulgence for any occasion.

Whether enjoyed alone or shared amongst friends, Icecaps are sure to satisfy any craving!

To conclude, there are plenty of delicious candies that start with I that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

From Jelly Babies to Ichoc milk chocolate bars, there’s something for everyone who loves sugar and chocolate.

Whether you prefer chewy or hard candy, these treats are sure to hit the spot and provide some great tastes and textures to enjoy.

Next time you’re looking for a sweet treat, look no further than these great candies that start with I! Enjoy!

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