Candy That Start With D – Yummy List

D is for the delicious desserts that take the tasting experience to the next level!

If you’re looking for a sweet snack to grab on your way to work, or something to give as present to a loved one, but you’re tired of the everyday snacks you always eat, then this is the right place for you!

Keep reading as we lead you through some of the usual and unusual candies and treats that start with the letter D that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth in no time!

Dark Chocolate

When talking about classic, common candies that start with the letter D, we simply have to put dark chocolate on this list.

This kind of chocolate is very popular with people who are keeping fit and trying to find a healthier version of milk chocolate.

The main ingredients in dark chocolate are cocoa butter and cocoa solids. It is made with Theobroma cacao tree seeds and it is very rich and complex in taste.

The taste differs from other chocolate varieties because of the higher cocoa percentage. It essentially has a bitter and slightly earthy taste to it.

The bitterness varies according to the amount of cocoa, so you’ll have many options to choose from in stores.

Lower sugar content is predominated by the bitter cocoa but still gives some subtle sweetness to it.

Though it has plenty of health benefits, it should be eaten in moderation.

Dove Chocolate

Another chocolate-based candy that starts with the letter D is Dove chocolate.

It is manufactured by Mars Company and it comes in different varieties, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, Minstrels, and others.

It is made from the finest ingredients such as best-quality cocoa and it’s well-known and popular for its smooth, velvety texture as well as its delicious, rich, and distinctive taste.

Its different flavors provide you with a unique tasting experience.

The intensity of the dark chocolate, the creamy texture of the milk chocolate, and the buttery white chocolate will satisfy the sweet tooth of any chocolate lover.

The perfect mixture of the cocoa bitterness and the overall indulgent, and sweet taste, makes Dove chocolate the perfect treat to enjoy when craving something sweet after a meal.

Daim Bar

Swedes are known for their love for candy and Daim Bar is one of the most popular sweet treats in the country and beyond.

It is a toffee candy that is covered in chocolate. It consists of a crunchy toffee center and a milk chocolate-covered outer layer.

It is equally crunchy and smooth both inside and out. The taste is a combination of nutty and sweet, and the unique texture is incredibly satisfying to the palate.

The main ingredients for the toffee include butter, sugar, and milk which, mixed together and heated, make a caramel-like texture and taste.

The perfect combination of flavors and the smooth, rich texture, make Daim bar an ideal choice for someone who wants a delicious quick sweet bite to finish off a meal.

Dots Candy

Dots candy was introduced in the 1940s and it has been widely consumed and popular ever since.

It’s packed in small boxes, so it’s a perfect snack to bring when going to the movies, as well as a good addition to parties.

It is a kind of chewy candy that is best known for its fruity flavor and intense, sweet taste.

The main ingredients used to make Dots candy are sugar, corn syrup, and flavorings, which determine the taste of the candy.

There is a wide variety of flavors of Dots candy available for consumers, some of which include: lemon, lime, strawberry, and cherry.

There are always some new additions to the original flavors, so you can even find those of mango, banana, yogurt, grapefruit flavor, and many others.

The chewy, soft texture, combined with the tangy taste of the fruity flavorings make for a perfect treat for those who prefer fun, classic candies like these.

Dum Dums Lollipop

Dum Dum Lollipop was first created in 1924 by Akron Candy Company. This is a type of lollipop widely known for its sweet, fruity taste.

In the beginning, Dums Dums Lollipops were made in seven signature flavors including cherry, coconut pineapple, lime, orange, grape, lemon, and butterscotch.

Nowadays, there are about 16 flavors of Dums Dums Lollipops on the market.

The mixture of ingredients such as sugar, corn syrup, and flavorings make the taste of Dums Dums Lollipops distinctively intense, sweet, and fruity.

The combination of the fun, playful colors of the lollipops, their smoothness, as well as the delicious taste, makes this candy one of the most popular ones for both children and adults.

Dubble Bubble

When talking about candy beginning with the letter D, it’s important to mention Dubble Bubble.

The bubble gum, recognizable by its signature pink color, was invented by Walter Diemer.

Dubble Bubble is well-known for its classic, intensely sweet taste and soft, chewy texture.

Some of the main ingredients of Dubble Bubble include sugar, corn syrup, and artificial flavorings.

It is sold in buckets, in the form of small balls and it includes various flavors, some of the most popular being cherry cola, orange, root beer, and many others.

This sweet nostalgic candy is designed for consumers to blow bubbles with it, which is particularly fun for kids, although it’s equally popular and enjoyed by people of all generations.


Divinity is a kind of sweet homemade confectionery made from egg whites, corn syrup, sugar, and flavorings.

It is rather popular around the Christmas holidays both with younger and older populations.

The taste of this interesting treat is rather sweet and sugary, but it mostly depends on its flavor.

The added extract determines the flavor of Divinity, so you can get vanilla, or almond-flavored ones, which are the most popular.

Divinity is often topped with chopped pieces of nuts, mostly walnuts, which add to the crunchiness of its texture.

It can also contain dried fruit, which enhances its sweetness even more, and makes the consistency a bit chewy, similar to marshmallows.


Doublemint is a chewing gum candy brand manufactured by Wrigley Company ever since 1914.

As the name says itself, Doublemint is famous for its refreshing, and cooling taste, with a predominantly minty flavor.

The texture of Doublemint is chewy, soft, and a bit sticky.

As you chew it, you are captured by the refreshing sensation and strong, bitter flavor of mint which, combined with a hint of sweetness, makes the chewing experience much more enjoyable.

It’s the perfect choice for those who like the strong, clean-like taste of chewing gums rather than the sweet, bubblegum kind of taste, as well as for those who want to relieve stress and always have a fresh breath.

Dragon’s Beard Candy

Dragon’s Beard candy is a handcrafted traditional kind of cotton candy treat, also known by the name of “Dragon’s Hair candy“.

It’s made exactly like your regular cotton candy – by stretching a mixture of sugar and maltose syrup and spinning it until you get a cotton-like (or hair-like) texture.

As you eat it, it melts away as soon as it touches the inside of your mouth, being sensitive to moisture.

The difference is that Dragon’s Beard candy has low amounts of sugar and saturated fat.

Also, it’s a bit chewier and crunchier than regular cotton candy, because of the nutty filling.

The filling inside Dragon’s Beard determines the predominant flavor of this candy. The most popular flavors include peanuts and coconut.


Duds candy is among the most popular treats produced by The Hershey Company, loved all over the United States by both children and adults alike.

These are small, bite-size caramel candies in the form of tiny balls, covered completely in chocolate, that come in a yellowish box.

Duds are a great addition to any party, and they can also be used to decorate cakes and other delicacies, aside from being a great quick snack.

Duds are famous for their delicious taste as well as for their crunchy and chewy texture.

The taste is a combo of sweet and salty, due to the fact that they are made from chocolate and caramel, but then rolled in crushed peanuts.

The richness of flavor from the milk chocolate coating, the chewy caramel, and the nutty flavor and crunchiness of the peanuts make for a satisfying tasting experience.

Dracula Piller

Dracula Piller is a popular sweet treat all over Scandinavia, but it originally comes from Sweden.

It is a disc-shaped hard candy with a salmiakki flavor. Unlike the Turkish pepper, which has the same predominant flavor, it doesn’t contain powder filling, but it still tastes quite strong.

It’s sold in bags with a picture of the fictional vampire Dracula on it, so it has quite an exciting and fun appeal to it, making it a great candy for Halloween.

Dracula Piller is a kind of hard candy in the form of small colorful stones, predominantly colored black and red.

The main ingredients including licorice extract and sugar give it a unique taste.

The tangy flavor of licorice might come as too strong and intense for some, but its boldness combined with a hint of sweetness is what makes it unique and loved by many consumers.


Dumle is a brand of candy originating from Finland and manufactured by Fazer.

These are milk chocolate-covered soft toffee candies that come in different flavors. They are extremely popular in Scandinavian countries and beyond but people of all generations.

The toffee is made from a combination of ingredients such as sugar, milk, butter, and glucose syrup, which makes it creamy and rich in flavor.

There are many flavors of Dumle, some of the most popular being mint, gingerbread, cranberries, and chocolate flavors. They are packed in hard candy wrappers of different colors which depend on the flavor.

The toffee filling of Dumle gives it its chewy, creamy texture and distinctive flavor, whereas the outer layer covered in milk chocolate provides richness, smoothness as well as the sweet, indulgent taste.

Dream Chocolate

Dream chocolate is a Cadbury candy bar produced by Nestle. It has been widely known by its new name Cadbury White since its relaunching in 2019.

Dream chocolate is a very popular sweet tooth-satisfying snack or an addition to birthday presents, but it’s also used in baking to add more flavor to various desserts.

It is made from ingredients such as sugar, milk, vanilla, and cocoa butter which give it a distinctive creamy texture, and sweet taste.

This kind of white chocolate is known for its rich, smooth, and buttery flavor which is its best feature.

A hint of vanilla flavoring gives depth to the indulgent taste, which makes for an incredibly delicious combination irresistible to consumers of all ages!


Drops are traditional tiny, round-shaped confectionery candies that originate back in the 1840s.

They are made by using a mixture of boiled sugar and different flavorings, later being “dropped” onto a pan or baking sheet where they are set.

These small, hard candies based on sugar are available in a wide variety of flavors. Their main feature is their sweet, sugary taste, although they can be tangy and sour as well.

The color and taste depend on the flavorings which include orange, cherry, grape, strawberry, lemon, and many others.

There are also cinnamon and peppermint-flavored ones, which have a more unusual, spicy taste.

Drops are hard candies, so their texture is quite crunchy, with a glazed, smooth outer layer.

They are packed in small bags, which makes them practical on-the-go candy for when you need a quick sweet bite.

Deuk Deuk Tong

Deuk Deuk Tong (or Ding Ding Tong) is a traditional sweet treat originating in Hong Kong, China, but it’s also popular in other Asian countries, especially in South Korea.

This is a maltose candy with a predominantly ginger flavor. It’s made by melting maltose and, after mixing and stirring all the ingredients together, Deuk Deuk Tong looks like a plate due to its final shape.

Today, you can find Deuk Deuk Tong cut into many different funny shapes which attract consumers of all generations.

Deuk Deuk Tong comes in various flavors, the most popular being chocolate, mango, banana, strawberry, and coconut.

The soft, chewy filling, and its sweet, fruity flavor along with its hard and crunchy outer shell, make this candy so delicious and extremely popular all over the continent.

Duvalin Candy

Duvalin Candy is a popular candy brand that comes from Mexico, but it’s largely popular all over Central America.

The original recognizable flavors of Duvalin Candy include hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

The texture of the Duvalin Candy spread is pretty soft, smooth, and creamy, so it’s quite similar to pudding or frosting.

It is sold in tiny, individual packages, and it comes with a little plastic spoon to eat it with. Depending on the number of flavors, they usually come in two or three colors per packaging.

Because of its smooth consistency, you can also spread it on a piece of bread, or a cracker to make yourself a quick snack.

The combination of the creamy texture and the delicious, sweet taste makes Duvalin Candy a very popular treat that everyone loves!

Double Decker

The Double Decker chocolate bar is another Cadbury product that originates back in the 1970s.

The name of this candy was inspired by the double-decker tour buses you are most likely to see in London and other cities in the UK.

Cadbury Double Decker is a candy bar completely covered with smooth, delicious milk chocolate and filled with nougat on top and crunchy cereal on the bottom.

The original Double Decker had raisins all over its outer layer, but in the 80s, they removed them as consumers were not satisfied with this addition.

Recently, Cadbury has reduced the size of its chocolate bars, including Double Decker, in order to help fight obesity.

The contrast between the crispy cereal, creamy nougat layer, and the milk chocolate coating gives you an explosion of flavors and is a true paradise for anyone’s palate!

Duplo Chocolate Bar

Duplo chocolate bar is maybe not as popular and mainstream as other products made by Ferrero Company, but it has an equally good quality and taste to it as the others.

It was first created in 1964 and it represents a dark chocolate covered completely with milk chocolate coating, hence the name “Duplo” (double).

The filling inside the chocolate bar has a very chewy, velvety, or crunchy texture and it’s usually found in different flavors such as caramel, hazelnut, coconut, and almond.

The Duplo chocolate bar is known for its combination of rich, indulgent taste and chewy texture, which makes this treat a great choice for anyone who wants a quick tasty snack and for those who are looking for a both creamy and nutty experience in one!


Dentyne is one of the oldest kinds of chewing gum there is on the market.

Ever since created in 1899, it has been popular all over the US and Canada, although restricted and redistributed a few times.

The fact that it has been produced and widely known for over 120 years, means that it has very successfully withstood the test of time!

Unlike most chewing gum brands, which load these chewy treats with sugar, Dentyne has a bit different approach, as they are known for being a better option for your teeth than your usual and more mainstream chewing gums.

These too contain sugar, but not in a huge amount, as cinnamon is their predominant ingredient and flavor.

There are other flavors available on the market, some of which include Arctic Chill, Peppermint, Spearmint, Winter Chill, and Glacier Mint.

Although this chewing gum brand has promoted its product as something that helps your oral hygiene routine, freshens your breath, and whitens your teeth, it is advisable to consume it in moderation, because of contained levels of sugar you can’t dismiss!

Dairy Milk

Another chocolate bar starting with D and produced by Cadbury is Dairy Milk.

This popular chocolate brand is well-known and loved for its sweet, rich taste, and creamy, soft texture that makes it melt in your mouth, leaving a divine aftertaste!

The main ingredients of Dairy Milk include milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, and milk solids which add depth to the chocolate and create this velvety texture that the chocolate bar is popular for.

The indulgent taste of the milk chocolate is perfectly balanced with its creamy soothing texture that makes Dairy Milk one of the most popular Cadbury products on the market.

Apart from being a great snack, you can eat on its own to satisfy a sweet tooth, it’s also a great addition to any kind of dessert you’re making, such as cakes and cookies.

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