Candy That Starts With A – Yummy List

When thinking of the right candy to have, either as a snack in between meals, or an energy-boosting treat after a workout, you can get stuck in the process very easy.

The supermarkets and street market stalls give you a huge variety of sweet foods to choose from, and it can get quite tricky to pick the perfect one to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Whether you’re sick of the same old candy you regularly eat, or you’re trying to make a loved one happy by buying them some sweet treat for a holiday or a special occasion, you might find this article handy when deciding which one to get.

To make it easier for you, we have made a wide selection of the most popular candy that starts with the letter A.

After Eight

If you’re looking for something to finish off a lunch or dinner, After Eight is the perfect candy for you!

After Eight candy was founded in 1962, originating in York, England.

The catchline for the candy was “the dinner mint”, and it has since been known as the after-dinner delicacy.

It comes in a green box containing mint chocolate thins.

The mint provides you with a refreshing, cooling taste in your mouth whereas the dark chocolate coating soothes your taste buds and satisfies your sweet tooth.

The filling is available in different flavors, the most popular being mint and orange.

It’s light and tasty, which makes it a perfect treat after a big meal, enjoyed by people all over the world.

Air Heads

Air Heads is arguably one of the well-known chewy candies, adored by people of all ages.

It has a unique texture and it comes in a wide range of different fruity flavors, such as cherry, green apple, and watermelon.

Their tangy, sour flavors can be quite sharp and refreshing at the beginning, with a sweet taste that comes out as you chew them.

The texture of Air Heads is quite chewy but soft, and you can pull and twist them into the shapes you want, which is particularly amusing for children.


Allsorts is a chewy candy brand created by the famous George Cadbury at the beginning of the 20th century.

It was well-known and liked in the UK, and it became extremely popular when introduced to the American market in the 1920s.

The candies come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They have a mixture of flavors such as different fruit, licorice, and anise.

Depending on your preference, you’ll get a more sweet or refreshing fruity flavor with a hint of tanginess.

It’s equally popular amongst children as well as adults, and today it’s manufactured by different companies and available in shops around the globe.


Another candy beginning with A is Amaranto, which is a bit different than your average mainstream candy.

It’s a combination of puffed amaranth seeds, sweeteners, and flavorings. They are mostly found in a form of bars, and they have either a crunchy or a softer, chewy texture.

Depending on the ingredients, it can have different flavors, but the most popular ones are the sweet and nutty ones, as well as those with a hint of caramel and honey.

It’s a satisfying and exotic kind of candy that is normally found in health food stores in Central America, or well-supplied supermarkets in the USA.

Overall, it’s a healthier, gluten-free treat with a rich and delicious taste!

Apple Candy

The taste of apple candy mostly depends on the ingredients as well as the type of candy.

The most popular ones taste like a sweet or sour apple, whereas the others have a sweeter, fruity, caramel, or chocolaty flavor, which is a bit more artificial.

They come in different shapes and textures, so you can opt for candied apples or lollipops if you’re more into hard candy.

If you’re a fan of softer kinds of candy, Apple Candy also offers gummies, which have a soft, chewy texture and a much sweeter taste.

Apple Sours

Apple Sours is another brand of candy that makes and sells apple-flavored treats.

These, however, are well-known as predominantly sour candy, rather than having a sweet taste.

The taste is mostly that of green apples, similar to the Granny Smith ones, and it’s loved for its chewy texture as well as for the tangy, sour flavor, with a hint of sweetness.

This combination of flavors creates a unique experience for everyone’s taste buds, and it’s enjoyed by both youngsters and adults!

Astro Pop

This candy brand was founded by Alan Shepard, a NASA astronaut. It reached its peak popularity back in the 60s, although it’s still made and consumed today.

It’s a lollipop, which means it’s hard candy, with a crunchy texture.

There are three main flavors: lime, cherry, and lemon, and each flavor is represented by a different color: green, red, and yellow.

Other flavors might be used as well, but the original ones are the most popular even today.

The tanginess of lemon and lime flavors gives you a mouth-puckering sensation, while the cherry provides a sweeter fruity taste.


This company must be one of the most famous candy manufacturers of sugar-free as well as gluten-free treats.

Their products are made to fit the needs of those who suffer from allergies, diabetes, and other medical conditions, while also being vegan and kosher, which makes them even more versatile!

These candies come in different shapes and flavors, so it’s a great holiday gift for kids and candy lovers.

You can get the Sweet Soaker colorful fruity candy balls or chocolate-covered pretzels.

The sour taste of fruity balls and the creamy, rich chocolate flavor combined with the salty pretzels is a paradise for everyone’s taste buds.

Atomic Fireball

This brand of hard candy is famous for its spicy, cinnamon-flavored treats.

These are small round-shaped bright red balls that have a crunchy texture and a fiery, hot taste.

Cinnamon is one of the main ingredients whose heat provides the spicy, sharp flavor of the fireballs.

The more you chew, the more you are blessed with the sweet taste deep inside the balls.

These make for an intense sensation in your mouth and are perfect for all those who prefer non-conventional candy.

Aztec Spice Chocolate Bar

The creators of Aztec Spice Chocolate Bar found their inspiration in the use of hot spices by the ancient Aztec civilization in Mexico.

It consists of a base made from dark chocolate and a spicy filling mixture of chili, cinnamon, and clove.

Its sharp, spicy flavor in combination with the sweetness and bitterness of the dark chocolate makes it vastly different from your typical chocolate bar.

It makes for a bold and unusual experience for those who try it because of its uniqueness and rich delicious flavor.

Asher’s Chocolates  

Asher’s Chocolates are claimed by many to be one of the best chocolates in the world.

The brand is known for using the finest, premium-quality ingredients, and providing its consumers with rich, delicious flavors of chocolate of different kinds.

Some of the most famous Asher Chocolates treats include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and other delicacies such as nuts, or fruits covered with chocolate.

The creamy texture and the rich flavor of the milk chocolate, as well as the intensely bitter taste of the dark chocolate, remain the most recognizable trait that all chocolate lovers adore!

Assorted Fruit Slices

This is another type of sour candy that is loved all over the world. It comes in the shape of slices and has different fruit flavors.

The most common ones are lemon, orange, and grapefruit but you can easily find other flavors such as apple, or watermelon.

The packaging normally includes different-flavored colorful slices, so that you get a wide range of flavors to taste, from the sour to the sweet ones.

The texture is soft and chewy so it’s easy and amusing to eat, especially for children.

Arway Confections Candies

Arway Confections is a company that dates back to the 1600s.

Back then, it was considered to be the luxurious kind of candy for wealthy people, as its prices were too high for the common people.

Today, their candies are still handmade as when they were first created.

Arway Confections candies are based in Chicago and they still offer a variety of chocolate-flavored treats made from the finest quality ingredients.

Their first made and most famous candies are The Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patties, but they also provide their customers with different kinds of treats such as nuts and berries covered with chocolate.


Arcor candy is a brand of candy mostly popular in South America, particularly in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

It has different kinds of sweet foods, ranging from gummies to chocolates, and hard candies.

This type of candy is most famous for its combination of sugar, corn syrup, and a wide variety of different flavors such as chocolate, grape, orange, strawberry, and others.

The fruit-flavored hard candies and gummies provide their consumers with a sour and sweet combination of fruity flavors, whereas their chocolate products are known for their richness of taste, as well as smooth, creamy texture.

Because Arcor is famous for using top-quality ingredients and crafting delicious treats, it is very well-liked and enjoyed by people of all ages!

Archie McPhee

If you’re on the hunt for candy that will fly you back to your carefree childhood days, Archie McPhee candies are the ideal option for you!

This company has been producing and selling its best-quality retro candies ever since 1972, and they are well-known and enjoyed today as back in the 20th century.

Their main products consist of hard candies in fun, unique savory flavors of bacon, mustard, or even pickles, great for those who would like to try something different and unusual.

The other, more conventional ones are sweet apples, sour cherries, and watermelon.

They also make gummies of different fruity flavors, which are favorites amongst children as well as adults.


This popular Mexican brand of candy provides treats that are most popular throughout Central America and sold in supermarkets as well as on street food stalls.

It’s used for decorating church altars but it’s also popular as a holiday candy which kids simply adore!

Angelitos is a small, round-shaped hard candy infused with cream or fruit-flavored filling.

The most popular ones are Angelitos tamarind, lemon, and lime candy which have a tangy, sweet flavor with a hint of sour citrusy taste.

There are also chilly balls which are a combination of a spicy and sweet taste.


Andies is one of the oldest family-founded candy companies in the States.

Founded as early as 1892 by Andrew Kanelos and run by his grandson, Michael Kanelos, the company is most famous for its chocolate bars, ranging in rich delicious flavors of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

These are mint candies, which consist of mint filling, coated with chocolate of the finest quality.

The smoothness of the creamy, chocolate texture and its delicious taste, combined with cool, refreshing peppermint and wintergreen filling give your taste buds a uniquely pleasurable experience that awakens all your senses!

Andes Mints 

Another minty treat comes from the brand Andes Mints. This candy comes from South America, and it got its name from the mountain range of the Andes.

The Andes Mints come in a box in the shape of small chocolates, wrapped in foil.

Each one is made with cocoa butter, sugar, and peppermint extract.

The filling provides you with a cooling and refreshing sensation, so you’ll be feeling as if you’ve just climbed a mountain!

The chocolate has a smooth, creamy texture and it’s well-known for its rich, deliciously sweet flavor. The chocolates are very thin, so they are a perfect snack or a treat after a meal.

The intensiveness of the mint won’t allow you to overeat, which is perfect for those who are trying to keep fit!

Amport Foods          

Amport Foods is one of the leading companies in America that produces different kinds of candy and treats.

It has a wide variety of products that come in boxes.

You can surprise a family member, a friend, or your partner by buying them a box of delicious chocolates, caramels, banana chips, pitted dates, and other sweet delicacies.

Amport Foods has even upped its game by offering a range of sugar-free and gluten-free options for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth more healthily.

Amos Sweets

This candy brand is famous for creating a wide variety of sweets.

They are mostly known for their gummies, which come in many different shapes, and sizes and they have a wide range of flavors such as strawberry, lemon, orange, lime, and other fruit.

They recently came up with 3d-shaped gummies that look like LEGOs, which is especially appealing to the younger population.

Another new product includes an audio lollipop which comes in different flavors.

Amos Sweets also include gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and vegan gummies, making sure that each consumer is satisfied and provided with the best sweet treat possible.

American Fish          

American Fish is a candy brand originating from the US (hence the name), and it is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The name itself represents the shape this candy is made in. These are gummies made in fish-shaped molds, which give the candy its final look.

They are well-known for their soft chewy texture and plenty of different fruity flavors such as cherry, orange, strawberry, lemon, and others.

The combination of the gummy texture, fun shape, and sour yet sweet taste makes these of the most popular candies across the States, liked both by children and adults.


This candy comes from South Africa and it is probably the most popular candy brand in the country. Made from the marula fruit tree, it has a distinctive taste.

The flavor is sweet and creamy and it resembles caramel or vanilla. It comes in the form of chocolates, and has some Amarula liqueur in it, to give it a hint of a tangy taste.

The texture is very rich and smooth, and it has a velvety finish to it.

In South Africa, it’s common to give Amarula candy as a gift for birthdays or holidays.

Hand-crafted African ingredients give this candy a unique taste, enjoyed on any occasion.


Altoids candy has been around since the early 1800s.

The company that makes Altoids, Smith & Company, was founded in London in 1792. Altoids are a type of mint candy that is popular for its strong flavor.

Altoids is a candy brand that was founded in London in the late 1700s.

This predominantly mint-flavored candy, mostly popular for its strong and refreshing taste, was first meant to be put on the market as a medical candy.

The company that produced Altoids at the time, Smith & Company, argued that this candy can relieve a stomach ache, or cure colds, whereas today, Altoids are only stated to be breath mints.

They come in the box and look like white little tablets, with a crunchy texture and a cooling peppermint flavor, great for refreshing your mouth after a meal.

Almond Roca

This almond toffee treat, covered with chocolate is one of the most popular holiday treats.

It’s widely known for its rich, creamy flavor and crispy texture. It consists of a combo of butter, sugar, and almonds, covered in a thick layer of dark or milk chocolate, giving it a smooth, sweet taste all over.

The nutty flavor of almonds provides a perfect balance with the chocolaty taste, which gives your palate a unique tasting experience.

It comes in a small red box which is filled with candy in the form of small pieces of chocolate.

The appearance, along with the taste, makes Almond Roca one of the most popular treats all over the USA.

Almond Joy  

Almond Joy is not just another almond-flavored candy. This one comes with a twist!

The sweet treat is a chocolate-covered candy bar, manufactured by Hershey’s, one of the most famous candy companies in the States.

Almond Joy is made from a mixture of almonds, milk chocolate, and coconut.

The combination of rich, smooth texture and sweetness from the milk chocolate, the nutty flavor from the crunchy almonds, and the creamy taste from the coconut raise the bar for all other almond treats.

Its crunchy texture, creamy, satisfying filling, and tangy yet sweet taste, make this well-balanced candy bar one of the most popular ones among people of all generations.

Aero Chocolate Bars

Aero Chocolate Bar is a sweet treat manufactured by Nestle Company in Switzerland.

Ever since introduced to a wider market in Europe, it quickly became popular in other countries around the globe, due to its incredible taste and unusually light bubbly texture.

The aerated texture of this chocolate bar is made by adding air bubbles into the chocolate in the course of the production.

Its light, creamy texture, together with the rich, velvety taste of the milk chocolate makes this treat a popular choice for people who want a quick snack that will give them energy and provide them with a soothing, sweet mouthfeel.

Today, there are different versions of the Aero Chocolate Bars, such as those of orange or mint flavor, though the original one remains the most popular.

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