Candy That Start With C – Yummy List

C is for the candy that makes your heart and mouth melt!

Maybe you’re trying to find candy to put into a birthday treat bag, or you want to surprise your friends, partner, or family member by getting them something delicious and unique to try.

When there’s so much to choose from, picking the right candy for the right occasion might be tricky.

No matter if you prefer something chewy, crunchy, or soft and creamy, you are bound to find anything you want on this list.

Keep reading, as we take you on a journey through the most popular and most delicious candies that start with C!

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Even though they come from the UK, Cadbury Creme Eggs were brought to the US in 1963, becoming one of the most popular candies distributed by the Hershey Company.

This treat consists of a bag of chocolate eggs wrapped in a purple foil wrapper.

They are an ideal Easter candy because you can put them into the basket with other Easter-themed treats both for decoration and to satisfy a sweet tooth.

The outer shell of Cadbury Creme Eggs is made of milk chocolate, but there are other variations of the coating, such as the caramel one.

The filling is a sweet and creamy white-and-yellow fondant.

They come in a standard and mini size, so they’re perfect to complete any present, or to simply have them as a quick sweet snack.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn is a candy invented in Philadelphia in the late 1800s and it has been a popular sweet treat ever since, especially for Halloween.

It is the perfect fall candy because of its autumn colors such as yellow and orange as well as for its unique taste and festive vibe.

It is a small triangle-shaped candy whose main ingredients include: sugar, honey, corn syrup, and a sweet glaze of numerous flavors.

Some of the most popular seasonal flavors of Candy Corn are caramel apple, “turkey dinner”, and many different fruity flavors.

Whether you’ll offer them to trick-and-treaters for Halloween, or have them after a meal as a light sweet snack, Candy Corn will not disappoint!

Cadbury Caramilk

Another Cadbury treats beginning with the letter C is Cadbury Caramilk.

First created back in 1968, this white candy bar infused with caramel has been one of the favorite sweet snacks among children as well as adults!

Cadbury Caramilk chocolate is easily recognizable by its white chocolate coating.

The combination of the rich, delicious, and sweet taste of the chocolate combined with the smooth creamy texture and sweetness of the caramel filling makes this candy unique and helps it mark its spot as one of the top chocolate bars on the market.

It is also available in other variations such as dark chocolate, maple, and milk chocolate flavor.

Charleston Chew

Originally coming from Boston in 1922, Charleston Chews is a candy bar that has been widely known for its original flavor including chocolate and vanilla nougat.

The main ingredients are based on corn syrup, milk, cocoa, and sugar, and there are different variations of flavors.

Although the original flavor of Charleston Chews is the most popular and best-selling one, they’ve come out with other flavors such as strawberry, and chocolate nougat.

An interesting fact about this chewy candy is that it got its name from the Charleston dance which was popular in the 1920s when Charleston Chews first came out. It is now available both in full-size, and mini sizes.

Cherry Mash

Cherry Mash is a sweet confectionery, first created in 1918 in Missouri.

It has been manufactured by the company Chase Candy for more than a century, and it is said without doubt that this treat has withstood the test of time, being very popular even today.

However, you won’t easily find them in every store, so it’s easier to get them online.

This is a small sweet snack whose main ingredients include sugar, cocoa, and corn syrup.

The candy consists of a milk chocolate coating, and it is filled with a nougaty mixture of maraschino cherries and tiny chopped pieces of peanuts.

The captivating combination of sweet chocolate, tangy cherry flavor, and savory peanuts is why Cherry Mash provides you with a unique, pleasurable taste that is a paradise for anyone’s palate!


The Crunch bar was first made in the late 30s and it was produced by Nestle until 2018 when the Ferrara Candy Company bought the rights to it.

The original flavor of Crunch is based on milk chocolate infused with a crunchy filling.

Though this is the most popular flavor, there are other variations of the Crunch bar.

Buncha Crunch is one variation, which consists of small chocolate-covered crunchy bites filled with creamy peanut butter, but there are different kinds of fillings as well such as caramel, coconut, and others.

They come in two sizes; there’s the standard and mini-sized Crunch versions.

The mini ones are great for Halloween as they are perfect for trick-or-treating.

Candy Cane

A candy cane is a mix between a lollipop and a chewy hard stick candy, which got its name because it is cone-shaped.

It’s associated with Christmas as well as with St. Nicholas Day, so it’s more popular around the winter holiday season.

You can find it in candy shops and street markets in the majority of countries.

Candy Cane keeps its traditional look and flavor even today.

It’s mainly white with red-and-pink stripes, and its original flavor is cool and refreshing peppermint, which gives you a sweet aftertaste.

They are available in other sizes, colors, and flavors as well, so you can find apple, watermelon, and even chili-flavored ones.

Chocolate Fish

When talking about delicious candy that starts with the letter C, it’s hard not to put Chocolate Fish on this list.

This is a very popular sweet treat throughout New Zealand, as in Kiwi culture, Chocolate fish is mostly used as a reward for a well-done job. You can find it in some parts of Australia, too, and in online stores.

Chocolate fish confectionery is a gummy candy in the shape of a fish.

Its center is sweet and fruit-flavored, whereas the coating is made of delicious rich milk chocolate.

The combination of the smoothness and indulgent taste of the chocolate with the chewy fruity flavor of the filling, as well as its small size, makes Chocolate Fish a great sweet snack to have after a meal or to satisfy a sweet tooth after a long working day.


This candy comes from Colombia originally, although it’s popular in Peru, Bolivia, and other countries in South America both among the young and older populations.

These are small chocolate bars, whose base ingredients include unrefined cane sugar, cinnamon, and spices.

Chancacas have a crunchy chewy texture and are typically coconut-flavored.

The shredded coconut filling with the chocolate coating of this candy gives you the characteristic rich, sweet taste, and a crunchy texture, while the cinnamon and other spices add a hint of warmth and spice.

Lime zest is another available flavor of Chancacas, though it’s not as popular as the original one.

Corn Nuts

Corn Nuts have been a rather popular confection ever since the 1930s, when they were first crafted in Oakland, California among consumers of all generations.

These are real toasted and seasoned corn kernels whose combination of the sweet corn and the savory flavorings make Corn Nuts an incredibly tasty and fun niblet that everyone enjoys!

Apart from the corn kernels, the main ingredients of Corn Nuts are corn oil, corn syrup, sugar, salt, as well as different seasonings.

Besides the original Corn Nuts flavor, it has a variety of available flavorings such as BBQ, ranch, chili, and jalapeno.

Chupa Chups

Famous around the world and globally known for its logo as well as many of its sweet flavors, the Chupa Chups lollipop originates from Spain.

It was first created in 1958 by Enric Bernat and it has been one of the favorite sweets for both children and adults ever since then!

These candies on a stick are a great way of keeping your kids from getting sticky fingers from eating sweets, providing them with a delicious taste and enjoyable experience of consuming them as well.

Chupa Chups lollipops have a wide range of flavors, most of which are fruity such as cherry, strawberry, lemon, and others.

They also have cola-flavored ones, which are particularly popular.

Lollipops with bubble gum in the center of them are another version of Chupa Chups candies which are particularly fun, especially for kids.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a classic sweet treat that has been around for a while. It’s also famous by the name “fairy floss” as well as “candy floss”.

You normally won’t find these in stores, but rather in the street markets, especially around the holiday season, or some festive occasion.

This light, airy, and cloud-looking confectionery is made by spinning sugar with flavorings at high speed, making the texture soft and fluffy.

The color of a cotton candy depends on the flavors you chose

Two or more flavors are typically combined, so you’ll normally get a quite colorful cotton candy with plenty of sweet flavors.

The popular flavors are fruity ones, such as strawberry, blueberry, and grape. There are the classic ones, too, such as vanilla, and the funky ones like bubblegum.

It is an old, classic, and nostalgic sweet treat that is equally enjoyed and loved by people of all generations.


Chuckles are candies that originate from Chicago and they were first created in 1921.

Distributed by the Ferrara Candy Company, Chuckles are still very popular to this day, and they are available in stores all around the US.

These tasty jelly candies are available in their classic packaging and size throughout the year, though you might find seasonal varieties for the holidays, as well as Chuckles Minis.

The main ingredients in Chuckles include corn syrup, sugar, corn starch, and different flavorings.

The original Chuckles come in a bag of five pieces of candy in five recognizable flavors: cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and licorice.

The combination of the tangy taste of the fruity flavorings and the sweet sugar sprinkles the Chunkles are coated in, gives these candies a unique taste as well as a high ranking amongst other popular jelly candies on the market.

Caramel Cream

When it comes to traditional, 20th-century candies that have withstood the test of time, being popular even today, Caramel Cream candies are an absolute must on this list!

Caramel Creams’ base ingredients include corn syrup, coconut oil, cornstarch, and sugar.

These are not organic treats, neither they are gluten-free, or kosher, so they might not be the best option for those with dietary restrictions.

These treats come as chewy bite-sized caramels with a creamy white filling in the center.

Apart from the original flavor, which is the most popular one, other flavors are available, too, including brownies, caramel apples, Oreos, and others.

Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp is a wafer candy bar manufactured and distributed by Nestlé, coming in two ways: either wrapped as an individual candy bar or as two smaller ones packed together.

It has been popular and widely consumed around the globe, except in the USA, where its distribution was discontinued in 2009.

Coffee Crisp has a distinctive combination of flavors and textures.

The chocolate-covered wafer provides a light, crunchy texture to it, whereas the coffee-flavored filling gives you a subtle hint of bitterness.

The coffee flavor dominates over the sweetness of the chocolate coating, though this combination, along with the crispy wafer makes this candy bar a great quick and energy-infusing snack after a vigorous workout.


Caramellos is another sweet product manufactured by Hershey, popular all over America.

They come in as miniature chocolates packed in sophisticated purple packaging.

These are tiny milk chocolate candies infused with soft caramel filling.

Though this is the original flavor, they are also available in dark chocolate, maple, and cappuccino flavors.

Though they are best known for their mini size, they also come in king-size, as well as individual candy bars.

The combination of rich, smooth chocolate and the soft, gooey caramel filling makes Caramellos the ultimate enjoyment for everyone’s taste buds!

Cherry Sours

These chewy sweet treats originate from Texas, USA.

They were first crafted and distributed by the Sathers Candy Company, currently owned by Ferrara Candy Company, and they are loved both by kids and older folks!

You might not be able to find them so easily, as they aren’t such a popular candy store treat, but if you’re eager to try them, you can purchase them online.

Cherry Sours are candies fairly similar to jelly beans when it comes to their shape as well as size.

The flavor, however, is much stronger, with the sour taste predominating over the sweet one.

These mouthwatering chewy bite-sized treats offer the perfect amount of sourness and also leave a sweet cherry-flavored aftertaste, which makes this candy perfect for all those who are crazy about this combo!

Circus Peanuts

When talking about unusual candies that start with the letter C, Circus Peanuts have to be mentioned!

Crafted by the Spangler Candy Company ever since 1941, Circus peanuts are still a classic popular candy, enjoyed by consumers of all ages.

This is a unique treat, that isn’t what everyone expects it to be, which is regular peanuts.

These are marshmallow candies, brown-colored and shaped like peanuts.

The taste of these marshmallows isn’t savory, but rather sweet, as Circus Peanuts are banana-flavored, which is especially unusual and fun for a lot of consumers.

Circus Peanuts are fat-free and they are available in other flavors, such as vanilla, cherry, lemon, and others.


Churchkhela is a traditional sweet snack originating from Georgia, Europe. Its main ingredients include grape juice, nuts, and flour.

These candle-shaped candies are made by dipping nuts, which are threaded onto a string with chocolate, into the grape must and flour.

Afterward, the snacks are dried, resulting in a long, cylinder-shaped candy that gives off a combination of sweetness and nutty texture.

The taste is one of a kind because you’ll feel a mix of the sweet taste from the grapes and chocolate, as well as the nutty flavor coming from walnuts, or hazelnuts.

The inside texture is crunchy, whereas the coating is smooth and slightly chewy.

These stringy treats are available mostly in the street markets in other flavors as well, such as cherry, and pomegranate.

Clark Bar

The Clark Bar was first crafted in 1917 and it got its name after its inventor, David L. Clark.

It became popular during WWII while being produced in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at that time.

The main ingredients of Clark Bars include cocoa, corn syrup, sugar, molasses, and peanuts.

It’s not recommended for those with allergies and dietary restrictions because it contains traces of soy and milk.

These candy bars are wrapped in red packaging and they are sold individually.

The center of a Clarks Bar is filled with crunchy peanut butter, and a gooey toffee texture, while its outer layer is a coating made of milk chocolate.

Clarks Bar is a sweet chocolatey treat whose combination of savory and sweet taste makes for a perfect after-meal snack for consumers of all ages.


Cuberdons are cone-shaped sweet treats originating from Belgium, also known by the name “the little nose” because it looks kind of like a human nose.

These traditional candies have a hard and crunchy outer shell, with a chewy raspberry filling. It is available in different colors, though purple is the most popular one.

It has a distinctive raspberry flavor, although some say it tastes like marzipan.

Others, however, think almond is the predominant flavor, probably because of the almond flour used in the preparation process.

The hard coating, and the soft texture of the filling in the center, provides a unique mix of slightly tart and sweet taste, making it one of the most popular and liked candy by people in Belgium as in other countries around Europe.

Candy Buttons

Candy Buttons, otherwise known as Pox, or Candy Dots, are tiny pegs of candy, attached to a strip of paper, first created in 1977.

These small candies come in many colors, so you get the pink, blue, and yellow ones in one packaging, which makes them a more unique and fun appearance, and they are made with flavored sugar.

Their taste depends on the brand as well as the flavor. You can find sweet, fruity ones, whereas there are also sour, tangy, and refreshing ones.

The flavors typically include cherry, lime, and yellow, which corresponds to the three colors of Candy Buttons in the packaging.

This classic candy is sure to bring back some childhood memories to older generations and might even become popular among the younger ones.

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